Terms and Conditions

Jameson’s Flowers strives to provide excellent customer service. It is our belief that a satisfied customer equals success. Therefore, we understand your concerns about security and proper fulfillment of any order placed online, via telephone, or in our shop. The following statement explains how our subscriptions work and discloses our Return and Refund Policy. 

Flower Orders with Jameson’s Flowers

Fresh Material
Jameson’s Flowers makes every effort possible to match requests for color palettes, varieties, sizes and quantities of fresh floral materials and the client understands that those fresh products and materials are subject to the laws of nature. If a specific match of the highest quality cannot be made to the original contracted items, substitutions will be made at the sole discretion of Jameson’s flowers for a product of an equal or higher value.

Once flowers leave the premises of Jameson's Flowers at 2710 Grant St. Wichita Falls TX 76309 they are no longer responsible for floral arrangements and/or décor. Jameson’s Flowers cannot be held accountable for contracted items damaged during the course of the event by weather (heat, cold, rain, wind, etc.) or persons other than Jameson’s Flowers staff members.

Force Majeure
If Jameson’s Flowers is not able to perform or provide in entirety its contracted services or products for any reason, not limited to, but including Acts of God, war, civil disturbances, road closures, severe traffic, fire, casualty, or other causes beyond the control of both parties, all payments with the exception of the deposit will be returned in full.

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Flower Substitutions
Jameson’s Flowers reserves the right to make substitutions in the event the flowers received are not of the quality suitable for your flower order. In this event, the integrity of the proposed color palette will be maintained and flowers of equivalent value will be used. Jameson’s Flowers flower arrangements are all one of a kind! Each arrangement is subject to flower availability and season.

Cancellation Policy
Things happen! We understand and have you covered! Cancellations or modifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Just let us as soon as you can and we’ll be in touch to let you know how we can help. For Shop Wedding Orders we need at least 1 week notice—the more notice, the better! That way we can get what you have in mind!



How Our Subscriptions work
We can provide flower subscriptions for pick-up or delivery! Weekly, monthly or hey, you choose how often! All subscriptions must be placed online. You can select the size, frequency and time frame for your recurring order. We hope you enjoy your flowers, and they bring a lot of smiles! If you chose a vased arrangement, we always appreciate it when you choose to recycle your vase when we bring your fresh flowers! Just simply hand the old to the deliver driver! 


Shop Merchandise

Things happen! We understand and have you covered! Merchandise may be returned for store credit or exchanged within 30 days of purchase, with receipt or credit card to look up order. Merchandise MUST be in perfect condition and original packaging. All merchandise sold by Jameson’s Flowers is sold as-is without any guarantee. 


Claim Non-Delivery
If you place an order and claim it was not delivered to the recipient, please allow us 24-48 hours for a complete investigation into the matter. 

In many cases, it is a simple matter that nobody would answer the phone. Jameson’s Flowers will always call the recipient before attempting delivery. If the recipient can’t be reached after two phone call attempts, the customer will be contacted. If the customer does not answer, the arrangement will be held in our cooler until the next business day. After 24 hours Jameson’s Flowers is no longer responsible if no returning contact is made by the customer. 

On the rare occasion that we discover no delivery was made, and no documented contacts were made, we will provide you with a full refund. If we are unable to substantiate your claim, we reserve the right to reject that claim.

Rejected Delivery
If you place an order and the recipient rejects delivery, whatever the reason, Jameson’s Flowers will not provide a refund and cannot be held liable for the recipient’s decision. 


If a delivery is made, and there is any question as to the quality of the flowers, the recipient should contact Jameson’s Flowers to discuss the matter. In most cases, we will gladly replace the arrangement. However, claims must be made within 24 hours of delivery. No refunds or replacements will be made after this period. Nor will refunds or replacements be made based on improper plant or flower care on the part of the recipient.