When is the last time you celebrated your wins, Momma?

The Jameson's Flowers, Jenny's Bouquet Box is a monthly flower subscription box just for YOU!

Each box contains a stunning surprise bouquet and special gift item chosen by Jenny herself! 

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Jenny's Bouquet Box is a curated box for the momma that forgets to take time to celebrate herself and her wins! 

When you join, you'll receive a box full of fresh flooms (Jenny-ism for flowers and blooms) plus a practical, fun, and useful self care item! 

$55/Month + plus FedEx Priority Overnight shipping

It's more than just a box of flowers!

For my subscribers, it’s a monthly gift to themselves.

As working mommas (and if you are a SAHM you are a working mom too), we celebrate and do for everyone around us and rarely take the time to do something just for us. We forget to celebrate our own accomplishments and wins.

Yes, this box contains some truly gorgeous blooms, but the feeling you get when you receive your box is what it’s all about! It's that giddy feeling similar Christmas morning after Santa pays you a visit!

What will I get in my box each month?

 The best thing about Jenny's Bouquet Box is that it’s a complete surprise each month! I love giving you little sneak peeks and teases throughout the month, but ultimately I want it to be a mystery for you. The boxes will contain a Wrapped bouquet of flowers that are hand picked by Jenny and unique self care item as a gift from Jenny to you! Each month will be curated around a surprise Color Palette!

The surprise items can range from the following: 

  • Drinkware! I love a cute bottle, tumbler, coffee mug, wine cup and add these periodically 
  • Accessories are the most fun. I love finding unique little gems to add to the whole experience of the box and make momma's feel as gorgeous as they are! 
  • Self care because who doesn't love a good bubble bath? From soap to rose water to lotions!
  • Inspiration - we love adding a little inspiration to each box. This is a perfect way to help us feel good about ourselves and help others along the way. We are all about shining His light to others!

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Jenny's Bouquet Box is a curated box for the momma that forgets to take time to celebrate herself and her wins! It is a box full of fresh flooms (Jenny-ism for flowers and blooms) plus a practical, fun, and useful self care item.

$55/Month + Fedex Priority Overnight Shipping

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.....

Being a subscriber is definitely just for you, but what you get is so much bigger. We are like a little secret society of women who are like minded and love the same things. We have this instant bond because we work our tails off, we stretch ourselves thin and we love to do for others.

Jenny's Bouquet Box is all about feeling beautiful, feeling special, and giving yourself grace to be you, unapologetically. We don't let mom guilt win!

When you subscribe to Jenny's Bouquet Box, you gain access to our Facebook Community, where we share our wins, celebrate one another, and learn how to use our blooms month after month!

Past Boxes


"I absolutely adore having fresh flowers in my home and love Jenny’s Bouquet Box. I look forward to picking up each JBB to see what wonderful floral surprise is in store. I am constantly delighted with the fresh, seasonal flower selections each month. The blooms are always beautiful, unique, full of wonderful color, and the quality is long lasting. Thank you Jenny, for making it easy to treat myself each month!"

- Erin K.

"I love getting my Jenny's Bouquet Box every month! The anticipation of each box is so exciting, fun and something that I do for ME. I recommend signing up for Jenny's Bouquet Box if you haven't already done so. You'll be so glad that you did!"

- Denise G.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Can I expect my box each month?

Payments will draft on the 1st of every month! You can expect to receive your box within 17 days after payment!

How many different flowers will be in the wrapped bouquets?

That's part of the fun! It is a surprise each month! Some months, it may just be one type of floom, other months, there may be more! All curated around a fun color palette!

If I don't live locally, can my box be shipped?

Yes, yes & yes! We only offer pickup or shipping! Jenny's Bouquet Box isn't eligible for local delivery. If you do shipping, we require Fedex Priority Overnight Shipping to ensure your flooms stay fresh. It is super important you choose the correct shipping at checkout!

Is there a commitment or can I cancel anytime?

No commitment. If you need to cancel your subscription, please log into your account on our website and cancel. Please note – cancellation requests must be received 14 days before your billing date (1st of the month) or you will be charged for the following month.

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