S4 Nicole Zasowski | What If It's Wonderful?

S4 Nicole Zasowski | What If It's Wonderful?

This season I've been focusing on the topic of rest, but with the Flower Momma Box subscription opening for the last time in 2022, I wanted to welcome back my friend Nicole Zasowski to talk about creating a rhythm of celebration.

In this episode, she shares why she thinks it's difficult to celebrate our gifts and accomplishments, why we often think of celebration as frivolous or unimportant, and why thankfulness and gratitude correlate so closely with celebration. She also explains how creating a rhythm of celebration in your home reflects God's grace in our lives and what our kids can learn from setting an example of doing something for ourselves independent of accomplishments.

I'll be including a copy of "What If It’s Wonderful?" in the August Flower Momma Boxes and we'll start a book study with the Flower Momma community starting August 22, 2022. If you'd like to join, text "book" to 940-242-3023.

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