October Box Reveal

October Box Reveal

October is a month of many things! 

I don’t know about you, but my brain automatically goes to Halloween! How am I going to dress up my family? What will get the least amount of grumbles, but still be cute and fun? I am not about the scary stuff. 

It also had me thinking this year about the different masks we put on.

I think we all wear a mask of some sort on different days. Depending on what we are dealing with. We put on a mask of bravado to hide the insecurity or challenge we are dealing with. Instead of taking off the mask, going to The Father, setting that feeling down and picking up what the Lord intended for us. 

Our kids see what we do and how we act more than they will remember what we say.

As moms, we set the tone for what our kids see and how they will act. If we want them to be brave - we have to be brave. If we want them to be patient - we have to be patient. If we want them to be courageous - we have to be that too.

We have to work on ourselves and model a life that is abundant in Jesus. 

This month I challenge you to:

  • Set down bitterness, and pick up gratitude

  • Set down jealousy, and pick up celebration

  • Set down anxiety, and pick up peace

  • Set down fear, and pick up faith

  • Set down shame, and pick up freedom

  • Set down pride, and pick up humility

  • Set down frustration, and pick up kindness

In the moment that you feel those hard feelings, acknowledge them and then stop them in their tracks. Take them to the Father and trade it for feelings that bring about fullness and richness in your life and others. 

For further reading and encouragement, read Ephesians 6.

To watch October’s unboxing video, click here.

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