Celebration Service

Celebration Service

Never Forget the 

important dates to celebrate! Ever again!

This past year we did a test run with a client who came in with all of his important dates between him and his beautiful bride!
He chose his dates
He chose his values
He wrote out his card messages
Paid for them all that day and 
He never had to remember to call again for the rest of the year. (even though he still did because he is an amazing husband who loves the occasional “just because” too!)
“I'm game! Sign me up!”
How it works:
Choose your dates
Think Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Anniversary, and Birthday! What are those important dates that come around every year you don't want to forget?
Choose your value
I will help you here! All of our arrangements for delivery start at $60! Some dates deserve a little more though and I can tell you what you have done in the past if you are a past customer
The message
Keep it simple or write it out from the heart - Tell me what what you want for the dates you choose!
After we have settled on all of the above I will invoice you your total! This service is not offered as “pay as you go”. We are in the works on that and maybe one day we will offer that! This is for the man (or woman) who gets all their dates done and paid for and NEVER has to think about it again!
This is a service where you are hiring me, The Flower Momma, as a service to you! We can tailor this to your needs! I will be here to hold your hand through every step of the process to meet your needs! 
To book this service or schedule a call email me jennylee@jamesonsflowers.com or call 940.691.4444

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