Jenny's Bouquet Box - April Sneak Peek!

Jenny's Bouquet Box - April Sneak Peek!

Are you ready for a sneak peek of April's Jenny's Bouquet Box?
The theme for April was purple, and our members are absolutely raving about this box!
Below is a list of the gorgeous flowers that were featured in the April box:

Hawaiian Dream Alstroemeria (known as the friendship flower) -  These blooms can be used as a daily reminder to call and check in on a friend of family member. 

Royal Naomi Bouvardia - Bouvardias are said to represent enthusiasm! Holla at ya enneagram 7's -this is your flower since you have such a zest for life!

Lisianthus - The lisianthus may appear soft and sweet, but the flower has powerful meanings of gratitude, appreciation and charisma. They're a fitting addition in a thank-you bouquet, or as a present to a friend you admire.

Stock - Let's get corny for a minute! Stock symbolizes lasting beauty, bonds of affection and promptness. When found in an arrangement, it says, “You’ll always be beautiful to me.” Corny, right? Told ya!

Double Tulip Peony - Okay, okay so I promised Peony's in the spring boxes, right?! Betcha weren't expecting THIS! Meet the Tulip Peony - tulips bred to look like peonies! We wanted to show off this unique beauty in all her glory in hopes that you just learned about a new flower. Enjoy watching her show off as she opens up!

In addition to the stunning arrangement of flowers listed above, our Jenny's Bouquet Box members also received a fabulous Moleskine journal. Our members are using the journal to keep track of their daily to-do lists, share their innermost thoughts or to write down their favorite inspirational quotes.

If you're ready to spoil yourself (or someone else) with a stunning monthly arrangement of flowers, head on over and join Jenny's Bouquet Box today!

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