A Look Inside the May Jenny's Bouquet Box!

A Look Inside the May Jenny's Bouquet Box!

Our May theme was 'Pink', and this box was chock-full of beautiful flowers that our members are still talking about. 

Check out our featured flooms below:

Campanula - We all love a good fairy-tale right? In northern Italy Campanula, also known as bellflower, often forms a natural hanging carpet over rock formations. It’s reminiscent of Rapunzel’s hair, which hung so temptingly from her tower window in the Grimm fairy-tale! The flower symbolizes attractiveness and growing up!

Apple Tea Carnation - Okay all you carnation haters - hear me out. While there are some less attractive varieties of carnations, there are also some incredibly beautiful ones that I truly love to use for texture, even in wedding bouquets.

Craspedia (Also known as Billy Balls) - We love these flowers around here, and they are our designer, Mallory's, favorite! They are truly amazing! Craspedia can sometimes be kept as a dried flower because they can keep their color up to a year.

Sara Bernhardt Peony - We love peonies! I'm so bummed that we are nearing the end of the short-lived peony season, but she is a boujee girl. She comes late to the party and leaves early until next time! Peonies represent wealth and honor. (Which is also why they are so expensive.)

Tulip Milkshake - As tulips warm up from being in the cold cooler they will begin to change shape and bend, or straighten out! Tulips will bend and twist to grow towards light (even in a vase!).

In addition to the beautiful flowers listed above, our Jenny's Bouquet Box members also received a pretty rose scented loofah soap in a pink orzanga bag. This soap smelled SO amazing! So amazing that I may have kept one for myself! (Shhhh...don't tell.)

If you're ready to spoil yourself (or someone else) with a stunning monthly arrangement of flowers, head on over and join Jenny's Bouquet Box today!

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