Small Summer Flower Cube

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Starting at $60, our 4x4’s are the spunkiest little things! They are perfect to brighten any room and are such a simple way to tell someone you love them, or maybe “Hey I’m thinking about you today!” 

These are by far our most popular arrangements and we know exactly why! They are the perfect size to say “Hey, I love you!” Or “I’ve been thinking about you lately!” Perfect for any location and such a great gift at work! 

This arrangement will have the whole office turning heads,  or wondering what the heckinbob smells so good! They are also the perfect back seat driver and will sit perfectly on the floorboard for an easy ride home with no spills! 

Please note that arrangements and bouquets may vary depending on the season and are delivered between 9:00am- 4:00pm Monday- Friday.

Perfect Size: An Office or accent table 

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*All flowers vary based on season and availability*

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