Flower Friday - Budvase Style

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Hey friends!

This week we are having FLOWER FRIDAY!! Not only will it be Flower Friday, we will be doing discounted bud-vases! PLUS! It is Drive-by! You never have to leave your car to stay safe!!

We encourage you to give your bud-vase to someone who needs the pick-me-up. We have been seeing a lot of grief on our end due to COVID. It has been rampant ya'll. Please share your bud-vase with someone who is in quarantine or not feeling well! Porch drop off's are always a good idea! Plus it lets people know they are loved and thought of even when we can't all be together right now.

Pictured is a sneak peak of our Christmas collection budvases!! However, we will be doing season blooms in these arrangements!

This is for Pre-Order Only!

This is for Pre-Order Only on our website!
Once we run out of bud-vases, we will do hand-tied bouquets.
Once we sell out of flowers that's all folks!!

When you arrive, give us a call and we will run your bud-vase out to your car!

Collective Coffee will also be here doing $1 Hot lattes from 2-3pm!