Subscription Menu – Vased Arrangements

Hey! Are you a flower lover? Silly question - you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t! As all flower-lovers know, flowers make the best gifts, are the sweetest form of self-care, and add that magic little something to any space. That’s why we are so excited to relaunch our subscription program! A place for you to get flowers regularly AND at a discount!

Choose from any of our designs and you save 10% on every arrangement sent out! It's a win all the way around!


  • Choose your frequency! Pick from weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly to have blooms ready for you on the reg.
  • Customize your blooms in a bunch of ways - size, paper or vase, color - oh my! You are able to choose from ANY designs we have available on our entire site!
  • Pick up on a day and time that is convenient for you OR let your blooms arrive straight to your home or office door! It brings us so much joy to see excited faces to see flowers!!