September Box Reveal

September Box Reveal

When was the last time you celebrated something? I mean, really celebrated? When I think of a celebration, I immediately think of food. I am a total foodie though. Constantly snacking. But when I think of a solid celebration, I think of all my favorite foods on a long table, well decorated, probably over the top, good drinks, laughter, tender community and conversations - and of course, flowers. A big fiesta of sorts! Mostly because my feasts will always include guac - automatically turning my feast into a fiesta!

I also have to wonder when we are celebrating with a fiesta - the WHY. Why are we celebrating? It is only fitting that this is the theme of September. My daughter, Sadie Amelia, turns 2. Every year on September 5th we celebrate His goodness and her little life coming into this world. The day He made me a mom. The day His abundant love lavished over our family when the little 7 pound 11 ounce baby girl made her appearance. 

We also celebrate His faithfulness. She turned 2, but in the last three years (including pregnancy) I can't count all the numerous accounts of His faithfulness seeing me through the hard and difficult times in motherhood. From pain, to longing in the waiting, to overcoming feeding difficulties in the wee hours of the morning as we rocked and cried together, to now entering the terrible twos. 

When things go poorly, it is easy to doubt God. When things go well, it is easy to forget God. 

These timestamps, these calendar markers, force us to stop and celebrate His goodness, His faithfulness and most importantly His character.. By remembering what He has done, we remember His beautiful character. When we focus on His heart and character, we can make sure our own heart and character are aligned vertically during good and bad times in our daily walk. 

One of my favorite characteristics of His to remember? God is a warrior.

If we truly love something, we will hate anything that threatens it and we will make war against anything that opposes it. Sound familiar Momma bear? God is the same way - For you, Momma. Just as we are for our own kiddos. 

Each month you are choosing to celebrate to remember with this little box. Taking that moment, to breathe, take care of you, and remembering. What are you celebrating to remember that He has brought you through this month? What characteristic of His do you want to choose to remember?

For further reading and encouragement, read Exodus 13:3-10.

To watch September’s unboxing video, click here.

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