February Blog - Take Heart, Daughter

February Blog - Take Heart, Daughter

Here’s a Fun fact about Valentine’s Day in our home:

My husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day (…and he married a florist), so in our home, during the busiest season of all, we celebrate what we call ValenHines Day! It’s a fun play on our last name, plus, to me, it’s a way to make our Valentine’s Day a little more about my husband!

For February’s letter, I have felt such a weight praying through what to talk about for the month of Love with you ladies! This little box is to help you celebrate your wins and to remember Jesus’ goodness and faithfulness each and every month. Regarding our relationships, I think we, in our fallible human nature, can often times get so wrapped up in noticing what our significant other is doing wrong. We see where they just keep falling short no matter how many times the issues are addressed!

This month, however, I want you to celebrate and remember not only the Lord’s faithfulness and goodness in your life but the faithfulness and goodness in your marriages as well. Last month we gave you a "good jar" to help you spot the goodness in your day-to-day! This month, find the good in who the Lord has placed in your life! Our spouses play a huge role in not only our lives but in our kiddo’s lives, too, and there’s plenty of good to see if you look hard enough!

What I try to think of often when I am around my friends as we talk about our lives is the Proverbs 31 wife describes in Song of Solomon Chapter 5. This biblical example is a reminder to have people around you that are for you and your spouse. In the chapter, the woman never bad mouths her spouse to her friends. She doesn't pounce on his weaknesses. She points out what she loves such as his strengths. She doesn't list his weaknesses in comparison to her strengths either. She is an expert in his goodness.

Momma, I know marriage is hard. Some days we are on the hill tops and everything is SO GOOD, which makes it easy to find the good. Other seasons can be incredibly challenging and dark. In those seasons, it's especially important to remember to surround yourself with an uplifting community and pray that the Lord shows you the good you once saw in your spouse. I also know some marriages have ended, and to those of you, "Take heart, daughter”.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mommas.

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