Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the chaos, but I also love that time with Sweet B alone in our house with our pups by the tree.

We have busted our tails this year to bring Wichita Falls not only great quality blooms, but a sense of community here at the studio through Flower Friday and hosting a local Non-Profit of the Month every month.

And we are just getting started.

We chose to do our Christmas shoot at sunrise at the Wichita Mountains and it could not have gone more perfect. Gorgeous models, flowers and the most perfect sunrise we prayed for all the way there! and of course, Tex made his debut.

I am so thankful for a group of ladies that were willing to go above and beyond waking up early, picking out the right outfits, and letting me use their beautiful faces!

Check out our fun shoot below! Order your Christmas arrangement today by clicking here.




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