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I have never been one to think I was the best with words. I have always admired people that can eloquently write great blogs and social media posts. Generation of comparison, am I right?

Side Note: My husband just asked me what I was doing and I responded “Writing a blog post” I think that is the most millennial thing that has ever come out of my mouth.


What has always been frustrating to me is, I know the exact words and visuals of what I want to say and be done in my head, so therefore it must be possible right? Even if it is hanging a floral piece in the middle of a barn with no beams to hang it there. My answer is - “Well how come I can see it there in my head?” Bless my sweet husband. Anybody ever dealt with a 2 year old that is figuring out how to express themselves but doesn’t know how to say what they want? That’s my brain. All. The. Time. I never grew out of it.

Jameson’s Flowers has been a desire God has cultivated in me over time growing up in the business. When I was a typical 14 year old, you might as well have dragged me up there by my teeth and hair to help. I would way rather be out playing golf or hanging out with my friends. However, I worked at the shop some in high school and throughout college. I never thought I would have stayed at Midwestern State University - God laughed - I now have my degree in marketing from MSU. I said I would never stay in Wichita Falls - God Laughed - Now you couldn’t pay me to move out of this town. When the college years hit something changed about my attitude toward the shop. In college I had that fiery ambition that was starting to take off. I  am sure I annoyed my mom with every little thing I thought we should be doing at the shop. Not my party, not my monkeys, and it wasn’t my business (literally).

But God -

He knew I wasn’t ready to own a business. Know any 19 year olds ready to own a well known, established business? Didn’t think so. So off to the chamber I went. He wanted to keep growing my heart for Wichita Falls. To learn the heart of the city, how it operates and see the excitement behind the ever changing Downtown Wichita Falls, Lake Wichita, and so much more. Being in Wichita Falls my whole life, I can honestly say, working at the chamber completely changed my perspective of my hometown. But something (Someone) kept tugging at my heart. It hit me one day that the chamber wasn’t my final planting ground. I kept thinking back to that little shop on the corner of Kell West and Grant.

This time my vision was different for the flower shop. I found my "Why". Why I wanted to own the flower shop and why I wanted to invest so much of my time and energy into something I grew up doing.  You see, not only did I want to create flower arrangements with excellence, I wanted to keep serving my community beyond what I could give them at the chamber. I wanted to encourage the community to celebrate one another and all the successes we accomplish together in this sweet town. I got to see so much that was worth celebrating in my time at the chamber. So with my Why I wanted the flower shop to be the main hub of all things celebratory. The place that helped people in celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a new job, marriage, a big break at work, a new client, making it through a really rough week, or a loved one who went to be with the Lord. All are worth celebrating.

Now here we are today and I own Jameson’s Flowers with my sweet husband. It has only been a few weeks since we became the new owners and I have never been more exhausted in my life; however, I am so excited to see my vision start coming to life. I learned so much from my parent’s growing up even among my impatience. (I come by it honestly) I was once told, “Staff your weaknesses. Get guidance or hire someone to help.”  Jesus has placed so many people in my life that have gotten me where I am today and help me get those little visions  in my head to reality. (See below for the large list! He has been watching out for my every move) Even when it is like listening to a two year old squeeze out emotion and flail her hands explaining what she wants.

We are excited to be on this new journey and celebrate this community. If you have a reason to celebrate, give us a call. Let’s celebrate one another together, Wichita Falls.

Special thank you to the people who helped get me here today. You should be celebrated everyday and always!


Bryan Taylor Hines

Dad, Mom, & Emily

MommaHines & PoppaHines

Family - Wichita, Bowie and South Texas

Kathy Drake

Amy Gray

My FBC Community - Franks, Finch’s, Ray’s, Wheeler’s, Arbuckle’s, Nichols, Smith’s

Pink Ladies - Yana, Lele, AnnArchy

Chamber - Present & Past staff, leadership, and members

Susan Smith at Linen and Lane Design

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