An Exclusive Look at the March Jenny's Bouquet Box!

An Exclusive Look at the March Jenny's Bouquet Box!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this month's Jenny's Bouquet Box!

When we decided to create a monthly subscription box, I wanted to be sure to put together the freshest, most beautiful blooms that I could find. And, this month was no exception. 

The coral theme for the box just screams spring, and I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the season and all that comes with it!

Here are the stunning flowers featured in the March box above:

Coral Charm Peonies - Our most requested flower! Coral charm peonies change color as they age. When they first open they are a vibrant coral, but as they age they gradually fade to the palest peach.

Peach Snapdragons - Snapdragons come in different variations of pink, purple, lavender, white, yellow, orange or burgundy. We use snapdragons in many of our large design pieces for events.

Peach Hypericum - Hypericum is September’s birth flower. Did you know that many butterfly species feed on hypericum?

Coral Ranunculus - The name of this flower is a combination of two Latin words. Rana means ‘frog’ and unculus means ‘little.’ (Jenny's Dads nickname for her has been "tadpole". It is only fitting it is her favorite flower.) These bulbs were first found blooming in Southwestern Asia. It is believed that its name came from where it grew naturally—along streams in the spring with the little frogs.

Free Spirit Rose - The Free Spirit rose lives up to its name with playful, frilly leaves, a cheerful two-tone color palette of sunset orange and pink and a gorgeous scent.

In addition to a stunning arrangement of flowers, each Jenny's Bouquet Box will include a surprise gift!

This month's gift was this gorgeous pale pink scrunchie scarf - the perfect accessory for any outfit!


“Put your hair up in a ponytail, grab a coffee, and just start.”

If you received the March, Jenny’s Bouquet Box - you received one of these Scrunchie Scarves.

This little scarf makes me reflect on March of 2020. 

I remember hitting a point last year where I was thinking “what the actual hell is even happening?”

The next day I went into work early. Overwhelmed by it all and eyes puffy from tears - I didn’t know where to start. After spending time with the Lord, I grabbed my scrunchie scarf, put my hair up, @masonwilsontexas made me a @collectivecoffeetx Brown Sugar Oatmilk Latte (🙌🏻) - and I just started. One thing. I did the dang thing.

Today, I’m celebrating how far we have come and I hope you will take the time to celebrate yourself each month with Jenny’s Bouquet Box. This life takes a lot of Courage and Brave faces at times. I think we need to take time to remember the little joys in life.

I’m here to say to you, with my ponytail sitting high:

I’m proud of you. You rocked this past year. Sit. Reflect. Then treat yourself. 💐

If you are ready to treat yourself (or someone else) and add a little extra beauty to your life, visit our website and join Jenny's Bouquet Box today! 

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